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Our Mission

At MetLife Foundation, we believe financial health belongs to everyone. We bring together bold solutions, deep financial expertise and meaningful grants to build financial health for people and communities that are underserved and aspire for more. We partner with organizations around the world to create financial health solutions and build stronger communities, engaging MetLife employee volunteers to help drive impact.

Our Global Focus: Building Financial Health for All

Financial health means being able to manage household budgets, recover from the unexpected, build short-term savings and stability, and plan for the future.

$200 million achieved

In 2018, MetLife Foundation realized its five-year goal to provide $200 million in grants to advance financial inclusion worldwide. Going forward, the Foundation will broaden its focus to financial health, providing solutions to help lower-income people  manage household budgets, recover from the unexpected, build short-term savings and plan for the future.

Partnering with Financial Health Innovators

MetLife Foundation collaborates with organizations to provide solutions that apply data-driven insights and digital innovations to enable lower-income people to take control over their financial health. Hosting and convening competitions is one way the Foundation identifies and supports effective partners and ventures. For example, Inclusion Plus, a global program of country-level competitions, identifies growing social ventures focused on financial health. In 2018, the Foundation partnered with Verb, a social innovation platform, to host competitions in Spain, Portugal, Australia, Korea and the United States.

2018 Global Impact Report

Find an update on MetLife Foundation’s activities in MetLife’s latest Global Impact report.

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Multipliers of Prosperity

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